Time of the Heart

In every human population, there are around 10% who have, or will, put helping others in need or at risk above their own safety (or own group identity). I am in awe of how much, and how often, so many sacrifice (to help even a few others – often unlike them). There are examples from all cultures, parts of the world, and history. I can only hope that there will be at least as many for us here, now, and in the future – and that we, too, can find the courage to do as so many others have done.

Courage is quite literally the time of the heart. Courage is not bravery, nor fearlessness, nor lacked in anyone. Courage is a decision. Follow your heart – especially when AFRAID (About Feeling Real And Imaginary Distress)!

People willing to help, rescue, or save others share certain common traits. They tend to be:

• Decisive
• Fast thinking
• Risk Taking
• Independent
• Adventurous
• Open-Hearted
• Rebellious
• Unusually Flexible
• Able to switch plans, abandon habits, and change ingrained routines
– at a moment’s notice
• Non-Conformist

They do not see themselves as heroic – even though they often truly are.

“I only did my duty.”
“I did it because it was the right thing to do.”
“If you can save someone else’s life, it is your duty to try.”

The world needs more people like this. Look for them. Be one of them.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

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