When I WIN so does the TEAM

There’s no “U” in “TEAM“; but there’s an “I” inside of (every) “WIN (Where It’s Needed). “U” and “I” can both “WIN” together as a “TEAM”.

Together Everyone Achieves More in a TEAM (Tell Everyone About Meaning) – but only if 2 or more (u and I) WIN-WIN (With Integrity Now) – creating WIN-WIN (Which Increases Net-Worth In Networks). When I Notice – What’s Inside’s Nice, WIN-WIN need not be EQUAL (Everyone Qualifies Usually A Little) for all to WIN (Wanting In Nothing).

Both WINNING and WILLING have two “I“s. Two eyes are better than one – when they’re both open and work together. The same is true for two “I“s – who say “aye” to team harmony and synergy.

WINNING is a result of us EACH (Effort Added Creating Harmony) being WILLING to take full responsibility for our own DATA (Decisions About Taking Action) – until we all WIN (Work Is Needed). Our TEAM (Talent Eventually Attracts Money) can only REALLYWIN (What Is Next) when EACH feel like “I WIN” (What “INeed)!

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  1. Oren Pardes

    All members of a TEAM are important, but they are not all equal. Most TEAMS also have at least one “leader”.
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