Which Station Are YOU Tuned Into?

You’ve probably heard that “everything is energy” and that “where attention goes, energy flows”, but you may not be aware of just how important different (pulsating) electromagnetic frequencies are to life. Much of that energy is flowing through space (directly and as a result of reflection, refraction, or diffraction) in electromagnetic waves.

Our bodies are like antennas that allow us to “tune in” to the station(s) of our choice. Our ability to choose allow us to accept some signals and reject others from the many broadcasts we can receive.

Broadcasting originally referred to planting seeds. If we are not careful about what we allow to take root, we may later have difficulty ridding ourselves of it.

Whether we are (consciously) aware of it or not, AM, FM, HF, VHF, UHF, SSB, shortwave, satellite, and sorts of other digital and analog radio frequencies fill not only the “airwaves” all around us but also inside us.

Despite an increasing pace and scope of technological innovation and advancement (and “competition” from iPods, MP3 Players, cell phones, TV, and the internet), radio remains a major influence in many people’s lives. Most people listen to the radio for music. Some listen to news and/or traffic updates. Still others listen to sports, information, or (call-in) talk shows. Even people that continually scan the dial usually have a favorite station.

Regardless of the number of choices, people tend to pay most attention to one of two primary INTERNAL: “radio stations”: WII-FM or MMFG-AM.

FM seems far more popular today. But FM also has limited range (and thus limited “influence”). The best way to broadcast over longer distances (and through life) is probably still AM. The most powerful words we can broadcast in English to ourselves and others are “I AM“.

I am sending out to give. What about you?

WII-FM” stands for “What’s In It – For Me?”
This is a very popular station but what it offers can only get you (or me) so far. I’m not suggesting that you or I never listen; just that we (both) turn the volume WAY down and pay attention to another (more “positive”) station.

MMFG-AM” stands for “Make Me Feel Good – About Myself“.
This frequency has the power to reach and influence across almost unimaginable time and distance – benefiting both the sender/transmitter and receiver(s) in a WIDE variety of ways. You don’t need any special equipment. You can tune in any time. Test it out for yourself. You may find it becomes a favorite station almost immediately.

Pay attention to (the frequency of) whatever station(s) you are listening to (and transmitting on). You may not be able to avoid exposure to all the frequencies/vibrations you don’t want, but you can definitely choose where you “set your dial” (each time you communicate with someone else – or yourself). Imagine what the world might be(come) if more people were tuned into MMFG-AM. Spread the word.

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3 responses to Which Station Are YOU Tuned Into?

  1. Coach Freddie

    Great analogy I’ll make sure to tune into MMFG-AM and Spread the word.
    I’m glad I stopped by,
    Coach Freddie
    .-= Coach Freddie´s last blog ..How Gratitude and Appreciation will Lead to Success =-.

  2. Colette Kenney

    Hey Oren!

    I love your posts! They are always so thought provoking and well written. I didn’t know much about AM/FM radio before but I love the expansion you made of the acronyms! Very creative 🙂

    One distinction I like to make about tuning into a station is that, as humans it is our thoughts and feelings that act as the radio waves.

    So when we choose to tune into the MMFG-AM (Make Me Feel Good – About Myself) station we must be thinking and feeling: “I am good, you are good, we are good.”

    Makings sure we keep our thoughts and feelings in the present tense ensures that we will experience them.

    Thanks again! Colette
    .-= Colette Kenney´s last blog .. =-.

  3. Oren Pardes

    Thank you for expanding upon what I wrote with your distinction, Colette. You are quite right about humans simultaneously sending and receiving, projecting and perceiving, and the importance of being (more) aware of what we are (actually) thinking and feeling. While it is not always easy or automatic, we can consciously choose our intentions and interpretations as well as our reactions and responses – and thus unilaterally influence our experiences and outcomes (with others).

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